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Opera VPN Pro Opera VPN Pro
3atv永久入口国 产一区二区久久

Complete security

3atv永久入口国 产一区二区久久

VPN Pro protects your entire device with next-generation VPN encryption no matter which application you use. Secure 6 Android and desktop devices with one VPN Pro subscription for serious privacy and security, and get live chat support whenever you need help.


No-log online privacy


Secure no-log servers keep your IP address and online identity private, without collecting or sharing your personal data. This extra layer of privacy and security allows you to work online, access personal information, and browse websites with complete peace of mind.


3,000+ High-speed servers


Switch between virtual locations around the world with VPN Pro to hide your IP address and access content safely and securely. With 3,000+ private servers in over 30 countries, you can stream videos, download files and browse privately with a speedy VPN connection. Data savings mode can also be enabled alongside VPN Pro.


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Opera VPN Pro

Here’s what people are saying

"While standalone VPN services require users to install an additional app and register for an account, Opera aims to keep the online security of its users simple and easy."

~ Anthony Spadafora, TechRadar

"You can combine Opera's data-saving mode with VPN Pro to avoid running into any carrier data caps."

~ Jon Fingas, Yahoo

"Opera VPN Pro is cheaper than Mozilla and Google's alternative VPN services, with the former costing $4.99 a month and the latter costing $7.99 a month."

~ James Peckham, Android Police

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